Nightingale Bread opened in 2017 after the lengthy and thorough conversion of classroom no. 8 in the historic Lincoln Elementary School into a fully functioning bake shop, mostly at the hands of baker David McInnis and some of his friends. Pretty much everything was torn out and rebuilt and they did their best to make everything beautiful. One passing contractor took a long look and decided, "Not bad for a baker." We hope you agree.

Mostly we make organic breads and pastries from heritage varieties of grain we mill on our New American stone mill in the shop. Almost all the bread is naturally leavened (sourdough), and even the pastry is almost all whole grain. And delicious.

We let seasonal produce direct our menu so things change often, but they're always top notch. We make super pizzas roughly spring through fall. You might have to wait in line for one, but you won't regret it.

Come see us sometime. We'd love to be your bakery.